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Date : 05 May 2024

Time : 11:00 AM IST

Duration : two Hours

Live : Zoom Webinar

Dedicated Q&A Session

100% Practical Strategies

Mr. Sudheer Kamera

Entrepreneur | Digital Coach | Meta Certified Facebook Ad Partner | Social Impact Creator

A Decade of Social and Corporate Excellence

Sudheer Kamera

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Decade of Dedication: 10 Years of Service Excellence Across Diverse Projects

What will you Learn in Webinar?

Uncover the Digital Advantage | Unleash the Digital Potential


3 - Big Niches in the Market


3 - Types of Courses


3-Success Principles


5-Step Pre Launch Model


Conversion Catalyst


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Digital Coach

Igniting Your Coaching Potential, One Insightful Page at a Time.

Value: ₹1000 FREE


Participants can connect, Support and share insights.

Value: ₹2000 FREE

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LIVE Q&A SESSION : Real-Time Insights

Unleashing Answers. Ask your questions  get it resolved.

Value: ₹2000 FREE

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Bonus Challenge For Fast Action Takers

For those who act swiftly, a unique opportunity awaits in the webinar. 

Value: ₹5000 FREE

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Online Course Launch Blueprint

The Ultimate Online Course Launch Blueprint.

Value: ₹12,000 FREE

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FREE Gift : Claim Your Reward in Workshop

A Token of Appreciation for Your Dedication & Staying Committed!

Value: ₹10,000 FREE

Who this "WEBINAR" is for?

If you possess valuable knowledge and aspire to share it with those in need, especially if you're planning to launch your online course, then this webinar is tailor-made for you

Subject Matter Experts


Influencers/ Consultants

Marketing Professionals

Freelancer & Entrepreneurs


Financial & Legal Advisors

Soft Skills

"For all professionals – Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Business owners, Speakers, Employees, and Content Creators – who are struggling to launch an Online Course and aspire to Start an Online Business, Wanting to share your Passion and Knowledge by teaching and helping others, Then, This is for you!"

Voices of Empowerment Testimonials

Journey through our Success Wall

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"Working with Coach Unleash has been a transformative experience. The company's guidance and support have empowered me to navigate life's challenges with resilience and confidence. I've unlocked a newfound strength within myself, thanks to Coach Unleash's unique approach."
Sara Mehra
"The one and only platform you need is "Coach Unleash" a beacon of empowerment. Through our sessions, I've learned to embrace my authenticity and pursue my goals fearlessly. The company's wisdom and encouragement have been instrumental in my personal growth journey."
Project manager
"Coach Unleash, the company, has a remarkable ability to uncover untapped potential. Their coaching has helped me break through self-imposed limitations, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-belief. I'm grateful for the positive impact Coach Unleash has had on my life."
Human resources manager
"Choosing to work with Coach Unleash, the company, was one of the best decisions I've made for my personal development. Their coaching has been a journey of self-discovery, providing me with the tools to overcome challenges and embrace my unique strengths."
Business analyst
"I highly recommend Coach Unleash, the company, to any woman seeking personal growth and transformation. Their ability to create a safe and supportive space allowed me to explore my aspirations and overcome obstacles. They're a true advocate for female empowerment."
Sales representative
"Love the awesome work of my coach. Their tailored coaching approach for women is inspiring. I've gained clarity, confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose through their invaluable guidance."
Operations management
"Thanks to my coach. It has been instrumental in helping me navigate the intricacies of personal growth. Their coaching has been an inspiration, guiding me to embrace my femininity and unlock my full potential. Forever grateful for their support."
"It has been a beacon of strength in my life. Their support has been pivotal in my journey to rediscover and celebrate the essence of being an entrepreneur. I've grown in ways I never imagined, all thanks to their empowering coaching."

Frequently Asked Questions

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After a successful registration, you’ll find links to join Zoom Webinar, a Workbook to download, WhatsApp and Telegram communities. Save the webinar link on your calendar & join community groups immediately. Download and take a printout of the workbook provided and have it ready for the webinar.

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Yes, you can join the Webinar using the Zoom app on your smartphone or tablet. For an optimal experience, recommended to join the webinar from your laptop & use headphones, it will enhance your focus and minimize distractions.

Take a printout of the provided workbook and have it ready along with a pen, notepad, and water bottle in a quiet room. Please inform your family not to disturb for the 2-hour duration.

Yes, there will be a dedicated time for Live Q&A towards the end of the session.

The webinar is scheduled in IST; please adjust your schedule accordingly.

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